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Get your December Body ready with ShapeShift - Get onto my online coaching program.

I am Tanya de Lange, your online body transformation coach.

I am Top 10 Personal Trainer in SA, but converted to online coaching only, to be of service to many women and men who need a more custom made approach to their eating and training plans, using software that clients can use on their phone no matter where you are based in the world.

I work with clients who want to lose extreme weight up to getting my clients to compete in their first bikini shows, or even to capture their progress in setting up photoshoots, if they are based in Johannesburg South Africa.

On your left is a client who started off with a 12 week challenge with me, a mom of two, she wanted to drop 15 kgs at first, and from there we did a lean build for her to compete. Currently she is training to do her 3rd competition and making a name in the fitness industry.

The APP that I use you can download onto your cellphone, you can take it to the gym or your home studio or surrounding area where you prefer training from. I design your training plan with what you have available and program it in, so you can see demonstrative clips and descriptors to see exactly how the movements should be done as I have written and planned and scheduled it into your online calendar.

I design your meal plan based on your body goals and food allergies / intolerances, therefore most of my clients succeed as we are in agreement with what they like to eat.

I schedule reviews, your personal APP allows you to load before pictures, and pictures work in progress so that we can assess your weekly changes and tweak things as we are going along. It also has a message system, and our scheduled review dates where you update me with body stats and feedback, then we determine your next steps.

This we continue doing up to the point where you are happy with yourself, some people decide to stay with me for years, and make it a life style.

A body transformation challenge is where you are not in competition with anyone but yourself, and we go at your pace, and we work with your personal obstacles, as flu, load shedding, travel, functions, happens and we work through those times as we can't hit a pause on life.

With a great attitude and doing things out of your comfort zone, in your comfort zone, you can only succeed. You can at anytime renew and extend your coaching packages.

My packages range from R500 and our success rate is high as I work with the best global and updated technology that is user friendly, and great to use for beginners and advanced training.

Looking Forward to receive your application

Kindly Coach Tanya

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