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December Holiday Guide for the Bikini / Beach Body

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

I am Tanya de Lange, I was nominated top ten personal trainers in South Africa, had my own gym in Sandton and decided to reach more people through my online coaching which is more suitable for those who travel. My website is

I write online body transformation challenges for people all over the world. It is custom made to suit my clients who travel throughout the year and I have found ways to manage myself and others to still move forward to reach our body goals whilst on holiday. People usually participate in beach body and bikini challenges to get ready for holiday, but if you are not mindful you can easily pick up a lot of water retention and be bloated within your first three days of your holiday.

Now imagine working hard in the year towards your dream holiday destination, looking great as you approach your tropical holiday, spending all that money on traveling but when you actually put foot on the beach, your body changed from binge eating? Isn't that a reality check?

I usually advise my clients to do their 'treat' meals at end functions in stead of the weekends, swop it out, and do a cheat meal on Christmas when you are planning on eating together and control (prep) the meals that you can control. Leading up to holidays and post holidays I will advise to increase cardio activity and lower carbs, also up your water intake. When you do not drink enough water your body will hold onto water retention that looks the same as body fat and causes the appearance of cellulite. Throughout the holidays I recommend mindful eating, and it is always good to have a plan when you are feeling rested and motivated to maintain your beach body if you are feeling inspired, it is good to have an option to train if you choose to. I travel 6 times a year internationally, and do about four local trips to the coast in a year and have mastered maintaining my body whilst traveling and getting results when I am back in my normal schedule. This is how I do it: When I am at the beautiful beaches I love eating seafood and indulging in the catch of the day on the menu with a good glass of wine. I order side salads or vegetable options, and I will add a fresh baked potato instead of fried crisps if I am feeling extremely hungry. You can find healthy foods on any menu, when in doubt, I order white meats with salads or vegetable options, and I always make sure that I carry or pack fresh fruits from the market. In the day time while I am spending time next to the pool at my favorite resort, I do not want to have cocktails yet, so I usually buy a big water melon, and let them make a water melon smoothie and blend in ice for me as it is extremely refreshing. You can add natural greek low fat yogurt if you want. Later on when I like to enjoy a gin and tonic, I make sure to take my sugar free tonic with me in my bag in case the restaurant does not have in stock, in order to not consume too much sugar and still enjoy the sunsets. When I spend time around a pool, I make sure that I tread water for 5 or 10 minutes at a time, this is a great workout whilst cooling off and I will do it for a good five to ten minutes. It all adds up as working out. When we arrive at a new resort I love waking up early to go for a walk on the beach and exit the resort to get familiar with our surroundings to plan the day as you get to see what the locals have to offer. I will join in on a sunrise or sunset yoga or aqua aerobics if the resort offers that just to get a couple of steps in and some movement going. You will find tennis courts, kayaking, table tennis, pool table at most places so I will always be sure to experience those at least once throughout my holiday. I always look at hiking spots that you can do on foot before it gets to warm and to experience new places. A lot of times you can find walking tours or cycling tours through your hotel. When I am really stuck and we stay right on the beach away from everything, I grab our complimentary water bottles from the fridge and use them as dumbbells and use that water weight to do some bicep curls, tricep kick backs, shoulder presses, lateral and front raises, also upright rows. I will use the chair at the study / coffee nook to do some step ups, tricep dips, and incline push ups. I take a mini band with me that is very light to pack and make sure that I get to work out my glutes and legs, and if I do forget to pack it, I will most likely do some lunges and squats on the beach whilst going for a walk.

So even if I am taking time off from gym training, I am more active on my holiday than my standard work (non travel) days. It is easy to stay active in my loved ones company - as you can see it is easy to slot this into your day-to-day and they will most likely join in on the activities. I find when I post stories on Instagram @shapewithtanya my clients see that I am managing to have a good time and that I am getting killer bikini body shots. And we all want our beach shots to remember our holidays by. I also manage to coach on my "workations" as I am online and our goals and check in's never stop. Not even over Christmas. I am teaching my clients that you can still have fun whilst being mindful of the normal holiday traps of overeating, feeling sluggish and sleeping your holiday away. No one should wish for a holiday to end just to be able to get into shape again, right? I do suggest to take a tape measure with to measure your waist, thighs, bum and your weak spots and to check it every second day just for your peace of mind to know when you need to be a bit more mindful to not worry about how much damage control you need to do when you get back to your normal life. No one wants to wish away their holiday. Soon you will learn more about yourself and how your body responds and feel great in your skin throughout your well deserved holiday. Stick with calories in VS calories out approach to maintain, stay away from too much sugar, cream, ice cream, and fats. (Nuts, almonds, avo's, cheese) - You do not need all the calorie packed fats, but you want to have a decent meal and fit into your holiday outfits.

Make sure you are regular. 2 x Green Tea's a day. What goes in, must come out at some point. Stay away from too much red meat, as it takes longer to digest and can leave you bloated, feel heavy and less energetic and make you look tired and older.

Make wiser choices and do not eat sweets for the sake of binging on sweets, and if someone gives you health advise, make sure that they look the part before you take it to heart. And that is how you master your maintenance of your body transformation, or still drop body fat in doing something that you love.

If you need structure, and want to incorporate a body transformation in to your holiday for the sake of not going backwards, and want assistance with a meal plan and training plan, home or body weight or gym training, you can always apply and let me help you to figure your body and mental blockages out. Let us shift your perception to become a better version of yourself.

You are deserving. - Coach T


If you need help, you can simply click on this link below,

and I will assist you further with my coaching packages.


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