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The best view comes after the hardest climb

I am Tanya de Lange, your Online Body Transformation and Life Coach.

This week I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something on my bucket list.

I went hiking in nature, after my photoshoot the previous week.

Upon meditation and reflection and setting up tent in the mountain, I started thinking about comfort zones and growth after my chain ladder experience.

I am afraid of heights, but always up for a challenge to experience something new, however, I did not expect to see these chain ladders on the side of the mountain, never mind carrying a back pack that is almost the same size as me. On the way to camp, we have to climb these chain ladders, with our tent, backpack and all.

No one mentioned to me how high these ladders were, and the wind was crazy on top of Tugela Falls (highest waterfall in the world). When we saw these ladders, there was no turning back, we committed to this hike, and we need to set up camp.

All I thought about with absolute clarity in my mind, was to focus on holding on to the ladder, and to take it one step at a time. Don't look up, don't look down. As I focused on climbing, - "hand, hand, foot, foot," - a gush of wind will come at certain points, rock me where I just need to hold on firmly, catch my breath again, and climb, even though my legs are shaking, "hand, hand, foot, foot "

In order to reach my destiny, I had to commit to take small steps, to get to the top, even though it seemed scary, I had to conquer my fear.

This resembles any major goal in life, let us use the same principal and take take it step by step, no matter how scary it gets, stand firm in your belief, breathe, and continue and keep faith by following your steps.

What does stepping out of your comfort zone look like?

The most difficult place to be in is the place of zero growth, going through hardship, not liking your current circumstances, feeling stuck.

They say when you are going through hell, don't stop, you don't want to be stuck in hell.

1. It can be that you are stuck in a day job that offers no growth.

2. It can be that you are still not achieving your healthy body goals.

3. It can be that you are not bringing a project or new hobby forward that you have been planning to do.

We usually look at something, and feel overwhelmed by how overpowering the idea of moving forward to make a great change feels, we believe that we are not capable, it looks like we need to overcome this big mountain that is a vision, and we don't know where to start by climbing this mountain (obstacle) that we are facing.

Break it down into simple steps, start at the beginning, just start.

1. If you have a big vision, go back to step one, identify what you need to do, write it down, take action. Start your week with completing one step of your action plan.

2. Don't take more than one or 2 steps a day, do it properly and carry on with your day to day.

3. Reflect on the steps that you are making, make sure that it sits well with in your soul and that you are doing it for the right reasons, to make you happy. If you are unsure, think, breathe, before you take another step.

Change is like looking at a mountain, and feeling overwhelmed and scared, yet we know the steps that we need to take to get to our end goal.

Thought: Have you considered that stepping out of your comfort zone does not have to be out of your comfort zone if you take it step by step at a time?

I will love to hear back from you. - Coach T


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