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Start your Unique Online Body Transformation Challenge Today

Shift your Mind to Shape Your Body


Coached by

Tanya de Lange

Voted Top 10 Personal Trainer in South Africa. Global Online Coaching, (Custom Made Eating & Training plans) for men and women. I specialize in Weightloss, Lean Mass Build, Fat Loss, Bikini Stage Prep, Lifestyle Programs and Couple Body Transformations to be the best version of you. Home or Gym Training plans designed and programmed onto your Personal Online Coaching APP from your Smartphone device to meet your unique body goals.

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2 Months Only. You are not too heavy to get started.

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Congratulations Cherize on Winning

Your 8 week challenge! 

8 Week challenges available at R3 000.

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This Client of mine is illustrating what happens if you are Integrity to your word to your plan that is designed to meet your body goals. She does not have a gym contract, she lives on a game farm, and we are working with the equipment and food that she has access to.  We designed a home training plan for her to follow.

All client programs are designed case by case.

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ShapeShift Community

We will like to share more insight about our online body transformation journeys.

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