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Coached by
Tanya de Lange


Voted top 10
Personal Trainer
in South Africa

Tanya de Lange is the creator of ShapeShift Online Body Transformations. ShapeShift takes a client on their personal fitness journey to take control of their wellbeing and set up goals to train them up to achieve it in a realistc time frame.


Tanya competed in several bikini/ fitness bikini competitions and will step on stage with her clients. She studied Personal Traning and Life Coaching through Trifocus Fitness Academy to build better relationships with her clients and to manage their goal setting.


Since then her presence in the fitness sphere has had a tremendous effect on the many lives she has helped change as an elite trainer and was voted top 10 personal trainers. 


Tanya offers Online Coaching, (Cutom Made Eating & Training plans) for Males and Females globally, Life Coaching, Beach Body and Bikini Body Meal Packs, and do Motivational Talking at events and Corporate Wellness Packages. 

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Nice to meet you

Get to know me a little bit, and also where I gained my knowledge.

After I have done my first body transformation,I remembered how amazing I felt, and that I needed to pay this forward. 

I started training at Trifocus Fitness Academy, and started my businesses from there. If you feel that you want to walk in my steps from being a client to learn more, and even have a career in fitness, I strongly recommend that you have a look at these courses. If I can do this, you can do this too. 

Your biggest fan, Coach T

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