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How does Online Coaching Work?

You can receive online coaching no matter where you or I am based in the world.

Get to your fitness goal without hiring a personal trainer and spending time in traffic or having to meet appointments. Your Online Coach will write you gym training programs or home training programs with the equipment you have available to meet your unique fitness goals. You can pick on how often you want to review and check in with your progress to set your new attainable goals with your online coach. Enjoy your new workout routine online written to meet your unique body goals. Now you can be more flexible with your time.

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Why online coaching works

1. It saves you time.

No more traffic, set appointments, moving appointments, and it allows for flexibility.


2.It saves you money.

Instead of hiring a personal trainer, your online trainer schedules and programs your workouts in your online APP, on the days that you wish to train your body groups to get to your desired body goal.

You have video clips demonstrating every exercise that you need to do to ensure that your posture is correct, with your sets and reps worked out for you.


3. You can train from anywhere in the world.

If you have an Internet connection, you can train from your home gym, your gym facility, your hotel room even whilst on holiday. Your coach can write up body workouts, home training and gym training plans.


4. Structure.

Online coaching is the action plan to get you from your Vision to your Goal, programmed in phases by your coach with weekly or 4th weekly check ins and a real life messenger system. Now your coach can focus on your training plan without getting bombarded by text messages.


5. Track and Trace progress.

Now you can upload progress photos to see how your body is responding to your training plan to determine the duration and plan the next couple of weeks to get you to your body goals day by day.


Your coach can view your daily efforts from her dashboard on your profile.

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