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Win in Silence, let them think you are losing.

Within this week of coaching, I have realized that no matter how hard you work, not everyone will clap. This is inevitable, I am seeing this in my clients who are doing very well within their body transformations, and experiencing this personally within my coaching career as I am expanding.

When they see that you want more for yourself, that you have a plan and that you are moving forward, they become intimidated because you have something that they do not, and that is called the choice to start showing up for yourself. As you are doing better and they are stuck, you need to understand that you are creating something new, breaking out of the old, in order to change for the better. Some are stuck, and do not like to see you you thrive with your new life choices and your new found confidence as they are still stuck in their old ways.

Suddenly you have new confidence, you do better, things are bending to your favor as you are taking action in your plan, your frequency change as you are attracting new positive things into your life, and it causes a snowball effect.

You see, we are not on the same path, and everyone starts their journey to improve on their health, business, projects, deciding to become better, when they are ready or inspired to do so. As you progress and attract a new body, new confidence, promotion at work, or start up your own business, your older crowd in your "stagnant zone" will not vibe on the same frequency as they are still stuck, or need inspiration.

Here is my tip, do not attract too much attention to yourself, because if you are going through something like a body transformation on building a new business, they will not want to see you succeed as they are not vibrating on the same positive frequency as you.

Sometimes it will sound like "but why do you want to lose weight, you are fine the way you are", - when realistically you are looking to improve your fitness, joints, fix your posture and your high blood pressure and stress levels, by veering away from drinking too much at social gatherings and avoiding a hang over followed by copious amounts of junk food making you feel more miserable about your life.

Sometimes it will sound like " You will never break out of corporate, because qualification, skin tone, lack of confidence or skills" - When realistically you can do anything that you set your mind to, and have financial freedom by taking a risk.

What happens is that THEY ( negative frequency, stuck in old ways ), try to install their negative energy (Fear) into your new perception of seeing things differently. And that can be very painful as our friends and family members can be going through their own struggles that they might deflect on you.

My Recommendation:

1. If you are going through a body transformation, do not share it with anyone but your partner, or a close family member that you trust. Don't avoid people, eat before a function, take your pre-packed healthier snacks or prepped food, do not give your friends a hard time that you get up earlier than them to get t the gym. They did not ask of you to do better for yourself, keep it personal, and inspiring. Don't complain, you picked to do good for yourself, man up and follow through. If you fall off the wagon get back on again.

2. If you are starting a business venture, only tell people who you want to partner up with and potential clients. Do not let everybody know who will not contribute to your services or exposure, someone will always find a loophole in your business, or give you a lot of reasons why you will fail. Listen to those who made it, and has the stats to show for it.

3. Do not announce your wins before it is finalized. Never tell anyone about a potential big contract, interview, competition show day, shoot, body transformation, until it is finalized, or done. The damage control of raising expectations will only let yourself down, more than anyone else.

Within my week of business I have done a photo shoot for a corporate project that I am burning to announce, but I can not do that yet. Also, if I told people about my fitness photo shoot I did on the 2nd of September, I probably would have received comments to throw me off from showing up.

Whatever you do, never give up on yourself.

- Tanya de Lange

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