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Make Dust, Do not eat dust. Reach your full potential.

Running does not excite me too much. I am more of a hiker.

However this week my hiking group was not available to go for our weekly excursions, and so it is easier just to think, let's book it for next week and delay what makes us happy. So I went into my Facebook events and decided that I can still do what I love doing on my own, but also in a group.

I found 3 events to keep me busy over the weekend:

1. The one that was a lovely Lions and Lantern walk under the full moon on a Friday Night.

(10 km)

2. The other was a beautiful place where I could go for a 9km walk (Cradle Moon) in the day time

3. The last one was a COWHOUSE run / hike a 15 km trial run on a cow farm in PTA, and that is the one I want to talk about.

What's lovely about these walks, and not having to rely on people, is that it is quite safe to do, you get to spend time in nature at very low cost, you get a good tan, you get your steps in and burn a couple of extra calories if you have over indulged in the week, and it is good to process your thoughts and to check in with yourself instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

When you get home you feel refreshed, like you have had a holiday rather than a weekend, and you get to do some sight seeing and check out and connect with nature and the wild.

So on Sunday morning, I got into my car, drove to PTA to do the COWHOUSE 15km Trail Run / Hike, it is the day I usually meet up with my friends for a long walk, I start off jogging, just to get half out of the way in the beginning of the race, and plugged in my earphones getting ready for a nice walk, to soak up the sun.

I see a guy, probably in his late 60;s or 70's passing me, and something triggered me. I am young, I am training, I am an online coach, I do weight training, I have reasonable body fat, let me run this thing, see what happens, at least if it is 1km.

So off I go, I start jogging, I catch up with the old man, he wishes me well, as I slowly start passing people, they are very surprised to see me over take as they are actual runners, I just happen to walk in their race. So I decide, let me run / walk this thing, and run up to where I am getting out of breath and my body is aching. As I am running and looked at my device the first time I was well over 2.25km and I did not feel bad at all. So I decided, well, let me do 5km, because I still have 10km to complete, and at least that will be a good "win" for me.

When I looked at my device again, I was into 8.3km, so I thought fair enough, let me do 10km and walk the last 5km.

When I passed the 10km mark, I actually went into a tunnel and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, (If you are following my Facebook and IG account you will see), I captured the screenshot that I did over 10km, and at that point I thought why stop. FINISH the race, get a medal. How cool will that be? Especially because I don't run, I do weight training and I coach people to get ripped and bikini and beach ready, its a complete different training I offer.

So as I am running, and looking at my time, I am thinking, what if I finish it, and speed up a bit, and perhaps be one of those cool finishers who gets good "time"? The last 5km, I was more surprised and happy with myself, great scenery, loving life.

I think what I really loved was when I have realized this: WE DONT REALIZE OUR FULL POTENTIAL UNTILL WE TRY.

So I cross the 15 km mark, but the race, did not end, I am still running in a field, do I stop now, do I carry on? I thought it would be such a waste to walk the rest, let me run in and see what happens, my knee at the time was a bit sore and ouch, my hips, nice deep burn in the glutes, abdominals tight. So I decided I will just COMMIT. When I finished, eventually, I did not see any finishers around me as I was the first person to finish a 15km run that I intended to walk. So I won the 15km day race.

I was stunned. The last two weeks I thought I would not be able to run, but I figured out if you go at a steady pace, and if your mind is quiet, you can do anything.

How good is it to say I have ran, completed, and won the 15km?

Are you living out your full potential?

Are you walking because you don't feel like winning, or are you showing up for yourself?

Winning is a complete mind set. Choose to show up for yourself, and try. DECIDE to TRY.

See what happens, but you can only know, if you try.

I just want to add, building calves and glutes into my weight training routine and sticking to my low body fat meal plan I believe has everything to do with winning this race. I can help you with your training routine.

What a wonderful lesson.


How can you start showing up for yourself to discover your best potential?

1. Change the scenery from your day to day if you want different results.

2. Show up. For yourself, the only way you win a race, is to run alone.

3. Try. If you do not try, how will you know?

Find something different to do that will add to your life. Commit to the idea. Show up.


Life Coaching: If you feel stuck in your life, or that you are not living your best potential, and need some guidance, please contact me for your life coaching sessions and we can work together on finding your purpose or to discover your true potential. Send me an email to this address and we book you in.

Online Body Transformation Challenge: Should you want to shake off a couple of KG's and work on your body image, and self confidence, let me coach you, it is what I do for a living, I write personalized eating and training plans, no matter where you are based in the world, and my success rate is high as I write case to case.

What are you going to do to discover your best potential?

Looking forward to get some feedback.

Have a great week

Kindly Coach T

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